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Navigating Your Prized Cottage Investment
June 17, 2024
Cottages were all the rage in recent years past—and that’s precisely why they’re still an investing hot topic in 2024.
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Stars Have Never Aligned Better for Canadian Property Investors
May 23, 2024
The appeal of real estate investing is that it’s a hard, tangible asset compared to stocks and bonds, which are valued subjectively and, as a result, susceptible to volatility.
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Taking the Risk Out of Retirement Income
May 13, 2024
For those heading towards or already in retirement, now is not the time to gamble with your future.
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Sharing is Caring – and More Tax Efficient
April 30, 2024
One way to stay a step ahead and to improve next year’s returns is income splitting.
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Spring Cleaning Your Finances 101
March 22, 2024
Your financial spring cleaning should include simple reviews of spending activities and more strategic discussions about tax and investment planning.
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Income Tax Deadline Checklist
March 12, 2024
No sooner have you navigated the RRSP contribution deadline, then another key date looms into view – your annual income tax return. If only the world was so keen to remind you to watch movies or take a vacation!
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Couples and Money – A Beautiful Partnership
February 15, 2024
According to The Beatles, money can’t buy you love but as many people will attest, money can certainly destroy. Paul McCartney was always the Fab Four’s hopeless romantic.
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Easing Into Retirement – Time to Adjust Your Investment Playbook
January 24, 2024
Most people probably don’t think about retirement when they are working and busy with life. And then one day there is a trigger. Some life event, like a spouse who is nearing full pension eligibility, the last child leaves the family home, or a 30th work anniversary starts the process of considering retirement.
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Can We Finally Expect Interest Rate Cuts?
January 18, 2024
Rewind to the end of 2022, analysts were forecasting recessions, hard landings, and interest rate cuts. They never happened.
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Accumulation for Show, Decumulation for Dough
December 22, 2023
Even those who despise golf will likely have heard the saying, “driver for show, putter for dough.” The premise: that smacking the ball 300 yards looks great but the ability to get it in the hole is what determines success.
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Tax Tactics for the Wealthy
September 5, 2023
Navigating the breaks and rules to your advantage is a legitimate tactic to not only keep more money in your wallet but also fuel your family’s legacy, whether that’s through charitable donations, community work, or simply ensuring the kids’ and grandkids’ futures.
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